Vehicular accident

Argumentative Essay- Vehicular accidents are caused by young drivers (Against)

According to a recent poll, there has been an increase in motor vehicle accidents. Many speculate that your drivers are to blame. All the blame cannot be placed squarely on the shoulders of young drivers as there are other factors that lead to accidents, namely braking suddenly with smooth tires, bad driving by elderly persons and plain human error, which is not limited to only young people.

Driving with smooth tires is linked to vehicular accidents. Tires need high levels of tread for traction to stop the vehicle whenever the driver uses its brakes. Smooth tires lack treading and can provide very little to no traction. As a result, the driver cannot stop their vehicle in a timely manner and may either crash into a vehicle in front of them, possibly hit a nearby pedestrian or even panic and swerve and hit a structure. Smooth tires are not only associated with young people as all persons regardless of age can be negligent with their car maintenance and drive with smooth tires.

Elderly persons also make up a large portion of car accidents. Within this last year alone, fifty three percent of the motor vehicle accidents have involved persons over sixty five years, the age at which car insurers consider “elderly”. This is due to their reduced reflexes which have diminished with age, as well as their blurry vision which is often cited as the cause of their accidents. This statistic reinforces the point that young people are not always the causes of most of the motor vehicle accidents and that the older population are sometimes to blame.

Thirdly, human error is a common cause of accidents. Humans are not perfect. These fallible creatures make mistakes daily, and this is also seen in their driving. Although one may drive the same route for years, one can be startled by a flying bird and swerve instinctively or maybe make the wrong judgement call and end up in an accident. This is not only limited to young people as all persons regardless of age, gender, race, creed, class etcetera fall prey to human error. Therefore, young people should not be blamed for the majority of accidents on the roads.

In summary, although some may believe otherwise, young drivers are not the cause of many vehicular accidents. Smooth tires lead to several accidents. Also, the elderly are often the ones that cause accidents. Lastly, human error of all ages is a third factor that leads to accidents.