Argumentative Essay- Vehicular accidents are caused by young drivers (For)

“The age to apply for a driver’s license should  be moved to 25”. This is a familiar call echoed by many motorists as they lament that too many accidents are caused by careless drivers. Recent global road statistics show that a large percent of traffic accidents are attributed to young persons under 25. Three reasons why young people cause accidents are due to them using cellphones while driving, drinking and driving and their general inexperience on the roadway.

Cellphone use has been linked to road accidents. Modern cellular devices have apps that appeal to many people. They have games that entertain, the ability to call and communicate with others and access to the internet to research anything one can think of. Young people who have grown up with technology, especially cellphones at their disposal see it as a very handy tool. They use this tool for many purposes and at any time, including while behind the wheel. Their focus is reduced being divided between the view on their windscreen and their cellphone screen. This inevitably leads to misjudgments, mistakes and accidents on the roadways.

Another way that young people cause accidents is by drinking and driving. With the legal age to begin driving being sixteen and the age of drinking being eighteen, some young people combine the two activities. They take their newfound liberties, being able to drink and drive and see how far they can push themselves. Their general ignorance of the consequences gets them in trouble as they may turn a corner too sharply and run over a pedestrian, they may speed and skid and crash their vehicles as a slower reaction time could cause them to make poor choices.

Inexperience may also cause young people to have accidents. Someone who recently received their driver’s license may know the rules of the road in theory, but would require a lot of practical experience to complete their training. As a result, some young drivers cause accidents by speeding on a wet road and skidding, hydroplaning and crashing into other cars or structures or speeding and braking too quickly and flip over their vehicles because they may not know to avoid these practices.

In conclusion, too many of accidents are caused by young people. One reason for these accidents is they use their cellphones while driving which impair their judgement and cause bad driving choices. Another reason is they choose to drink and drive and often react inappropriately on the road. A third reason is they sometimes lack the knowledge to know what not to do on the road and make terrible choices on the roadways.