Personal computer

Argumentative Essay- Should primary school children be given their own personal computers? (Against)

Computers are a great resource in this modern day and age. They come loaded with features that can aid in a child’s learning. Some persons believe that primary school children should not have personal computers, and that they do more harm than good. PCs should be given to all primary school students because they allow for near instant access to a web of information, they expose children to word processing applications and other useful computer skills and may reduce back pain that they endure while carrying heavy texts.

PC’s allow children to access a lot of information quickly. Having to visit a library is often inconvenient for a primary school child. To go, they require adult supervision, and can only visit during their hours of operation which often do not include Sundays, public holidays or afternoons when children have free time. Without a PC with internet access, a child would be lost. The PC allows them near instant access to a plethora of information whenever they so desire. Their little brains and large curiosity can absorb all the necessary information quickly and conveniently.

If children are exposed to word processing apps via their personal computers, they will be well adjusted when they enter the world of work. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are some of the apps whose uses are widespread in modern jobs. All young adults should be familiar if not versed in their uses to productive in their careers. Exposure and training can begin at a young age, during their primary school years if they are given personal computers. They will then be able to give presentations in PowerPoint, compile documents in Microsoft Word and even compile data effectively in Excel. They will be very useful in their chosen career fields.

If PCs are given to primary school students, this will reduce their back pain. One major problem children face is severe back pain from carrying an obscene amount of textbooks on a daily basis. They hunch over to carry this added weight. Over time, their posture suffers and their backs pain incessantly. In technology forward schools where texts are loaded onto PCs, children report having less back pain than their textbook carrying counterparts. Having PCs would greatly increase their overall comfort.

In closing, primary school children should have PCs for several reasons. PCs allow them quick access to information. They also expose them to word processing and other widely used apps. They also reduce reported back pain in primary school aged students.