Argumentative Essay- Parents and children misunderstand each other (For)

From the dawn of human existence, parents and children have always misunderstood each other. It seems that this is ingrained in our DNA. While there are many problems that families face, this lack of understanding is one of the biggest, which is caused by unwillingness from the children, lack of time from the parents and the overall inability to communicate from both parties.

Firstly, the misunderstanding is attributed to unwillingness by the teenagers. Teenagers during their adolescence tend to become more reserved, more closed off from their parents. They hide their feelings and refuse to communicate on many matters. Many cite that they believe their parents would not understand what they are going through, even though those parents were once adolescents themselves. Therefore, when the teenagers behave in certain ways, for example keep secrets, and the parents have no context for their behavior, the parents do not understand them of their behaviors.

Secondly, misunderstanding comes parents not having enough time to speak with their children. Within the last thirty years, parents have began working longer hours and further from home in an effort to make more money to support rising overall costs of living. This has meant that children have had less time to interact with their parents than in previous years. What often happens is parents are absent for a lot of time during the work week and may not notice when a child picks up a bad habit like lying. During the weekends, a parent may spend time with their child, notice the habit and severely punish them. The child then becomes confused because the parent did not communicate with them when they first began to lie that this was wrong so they misunderstood that this was a bad behavior until then. This problem could have been avoided if the parent had communicated from the beginning that lying was bad.

Thirdly, misunderstanding is caused by both parties not being able to speak to each other. Communication among family members is not taught in school. Some parents choose to scream and yell commands at their children as if they were their subordinates. This is ineffective as they learn to fear their parents instead of whatever the initial lesson was. Some children also shout and belittle their parents when problems occur which never lead to solutions. If the problem is never properly addressed at any instance, when it reappears, the shouting will resume, the problem stays unresolved and the cycle continues as both parties continue to misunderstand the other.

In conclusion, misunderstandings between parents and children is a major problem. It can be caused by unwillingness of the children. It can also be attributed to lack of time on the part of the parents. It can also be linked to an inability to communicate on both sides.