Plastic Surgery

Argumentative Essay- Is plastic surgery useful?

Plastic surgery involves the reconstruction or repair of one’s body either because of injury or for cosmetic purposes. Reconstructive surgeries have been performed for centuries, the first being documented in 800 BC. Within recent times, there has been an increase in persons opting to undergo plastic surgery procedures. While it is widely believed that persons should not undergo unnecessary plastic surgeries, there are several health benefits associated with undergoing plastic surgery.

The first is a marked reduction in body pain in persons who undergo breast reductions. Women with large breasts often complain of body pain. They feel constant pressure in their backs, necks and shoulders because their small frames often cannot support the weight of their breasts. These women also report a sudden decrease in overall body pain after having pounds of their breast tissue surgically removed. They add that their overall quality of life improves after this surgery. This form of plastic surgery has health benefits that underscore the usefulness of plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasties improve breathing in persons who once suffered from deviated nasal septums. A deviated septum occurs when the bone and nasal cartilage that divide the nasal cavity is crooked. This leads to problems breathing. A rhinoplasty corrects this deformation and the patient receives better oxygen flow, easier breathing and even a better night’s sleep. Some persons have also cited that their snoring disappeared after receiving this surgery. All in all, plastic surgeries like rhinoplasties are very useful to persons that receive them.

Liposuction can improve a person’s risk of developing diabetes. Diabetes is a condition where the body cannot use insulin properly. The presence of excess fat cells impairs the body’s ability to break down insulin. Liposuction is a surgery where one’s fat cells are removed. Less fat cells present may mean a reduced risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, liposuction is quite useful in maintaining the health of those who use choose this surgery.

In conclusion, plastic surgeries are useful because their use often has several health benefits. Breast reductions lead to less pain for the women that get them. Rhinoplasties can result in improved breathing for persons who opt for them. Liposuction may lessen a person’s risk of developing diabetes.