Own Business

Argumentative Essay- What are the benefits of having your own business?

Man has always needed to provide for himself to survive. His earlier ancestors hunted and gathered for food and other resources to ensure their life was comfortable. Nowadays, man still provides for himself by working specialized jobs to make money. Having a job and working someone else does generate income, however, there are unique benefits that come from operating one’s own business which include flexibility, personal satisfaction and power as compared to working for someone else.

Firstly, having one’s own business gives the owner flexibility. When a person accepts employment, they commit themselves to being at a location for fixed hours to complete a specific task. This rigid system does not leave much room for pursuing other avenues to make money. If this person were to create their own business, they could set their own hours, decide where and what they wish to work on. Their time is more flexible to accommodate their work load as well as other projects that they may want to pursue.

Secondly, personal satisfaction is another by-product of having one’s own business. A business owner must go through several phases to make it operational. This may include filing numerous documents, hiring staff, paying preliminary taxes, and they may encounter several obstacles along the way. At the end, the payoff is rewarding as they see their idea come to fruition. This satisfaction is not earned when a person is under the employ of a boss. They may feel content when they receive their salary, but this personal satisfaction does not come because they do not operate their own business.

Lastly, power can be gained when one creates their own business. Power comes in many forms, one of which can be via decision and policy making. As a business owner with employees, a person has an input in how the daily affairs are run and can take crucial decisions that affect themselves as well as other people. They weigh all possible outcomes and arrive at a conclusion that is beneficial for all stakeholders. To some, this power is desirable and out of reach if they work as an employee of someone else, as they can only take directions in this position.

In conclusion, there are many unique benefits that arise from owning one’s own business. One is flexibility to pursue other avenues. Another is personal satisfaction from creating one’s own business. The third advantage is having power over others and making important decisions.