Cigarettes banned

Argumentative Essay- Should cigarettes be banned?

Cigarettes are pieces of thin paper that contain rolled tobacco pieces which are smoked all over the world. Some persons use them recreationally and others more regularly, some have a dependency on them. There is great debate on whether cigarettes should be banned as persons weigh the pros and cons of their use. Cigarettes should be banned because persons die every year from their use, it creates a financial burden to public health care systems and its creation damages the environment.

Firstly, cigarette smoking kills many persons worldwide annually. Modern cigarettes are milder than their older harsher more alkaline versions and thus are easier to inhale. They are cheap and abundant, so many persons smoke them. When the smoke is ingested, it irritates the lungs and sometimes leads to lung cancer. Persons suffer from respiratory problems and often perish from its effects.

Secondly, smoking adds to a country’s financial burden. Persons who fall ill after smoking require treatment. This can include asthma medications for wheezing and other medications for shortness of breath and chest tightness. If a large majority of a country’s working population falls ill due to smoking, they must treat them to maintain overall productivity and economic growth, lest they fall into a recession. Therefore, their spending on smoking related health care increases and depending on the amount they spend, may create a financial burden.

Thirdly, cigarettes damage the environment. To cure cigarettes, large expanses of woodlands are cleared annually to harvest coal. This coal is then burnt and contributes greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Global warming leads to overall sea level rise and submerging of landmasses and the death of several marine wildlife. Also, large amounts of pesticides are used to ensure a plentiful harvest of tobacco. These chemicals strip the Earth of essential minerals which is bad for its overall health.

Therefore, cigarettes should be banned because they only cause harm. They kill many of their users annually. Treating cigarette smokers causes financial burden to a country. Cigarette production damages the environment.


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  1. This would only lead to a black market and further exasperate the problem. In the U.S. this was done from 1920 to 1933’s with alcohol (known as prohibition). The law was repealed because of how much of a spectacular failure banning alcohol was. We need to learn from history. Similar arguments were made when prohibition was proposed namely:
    – Burden on national health
    – Alcoholism
    – Family violence
    – Saloon-based political corruption
    The problem with banning a socially accepted practice, or legislating morality is it doesn’t address the underlying problem. Prohibition led to unintended consequences such as the growth of urban crime organizations and a century of Prohibition-influenced legislation.

    Nicotine addiction is often as strong or stronger than heroin. Rather than criminalize tobacco a better solution is to treat the problem of cigarette smoking or even drug abuse as a social issue instead of a criminal issue. Two examples:
    1) Switzerland has seen a reduction in crime and disease after implementing a state-sponsored heroin-assisted treatment program.
    2) Thirty years ago the population of heroin addicts in the Netherlands was estimated to have been 25,000 to 30,000. While the country’s population has grown by 6 percent in the past three decades, the number of heroin addicts has remained virtually the same — “The view is that addiction is a brain disease and it requires treatment, not incarceration”. This policy is responsible for a remarkable statistic: approximately 70 percent of Holland’s drug addicts are in treatment programs; only 10-15 percent of America’s are.
    Treating tobacco users as criminals when no crime has been commuted is immoral — who are the victims in the “crime” of tobacco use? If there aren’t any victims then there isn’t a crime.

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