Argumentative Essay- Why do persons commit crimes?

Nelson Mandela once said, “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw”. According to him, when persons are prevented from self-actualization, that is their sole catalyst for turning to crime.  For years scholars and philosophers have theorized why man commits crime. While some persons agree with Mr. Mandela however, there are other reasons for persons turning to crime such as drug abuse, family upbringing and mental disorders.

The abuse of drugs is a major reason why persons commit crimes. Hardcore drug abusers do not function well in society. They do not hold down jobs long term and make steady incomes, yet they still need to maintain their highs. To do this, they commit crimes. They first steal from the people closest to them, their friends and family. Then they move on to the general population and may steal and rob other vulnerable people to get money or valuables to trade for their drugs.

A person’s upbringing may lead them to commit crime. Some persons, especially persons in poverty steal and rob to get food and money for their essentials. The reasons for stealing for food are numerous, from a lack of jobs to a lack of enough income. These persons risk their safety and personal freedom every time they commit a crime to be able to stay alive. Children may also get involved in stealing and grow up to be adults who steal. It is often generational and a hard cycle to break.

Mental disorders are another reason a person may turn to crime. Persons that are unstable are a threat to others and themselves. They may not wish to harm others but are influenced by their innermost thoughts which are oftentimes disturbing. For instance, one person who hears voices may be compelled to hit another person and may succumb to this urge after constant bombardment.

To summarize, crime is caused by several factors. Drug abuse is one major reason people commit crimes. Another reason is a person being raised to commit crime. The third reason a person may commit a crime is because they have a mental disorder.