Argumentative Essay- Should vaccinations for children be mandatory?

Parents try to protect their children in many ways. They ensure they sit in booster seats when they are young, they childproof electrical sockets and install baby gates in their homes. Another way to keep children safe is to ensure that they are vaccinated. Some even consider vaccinations to be compulsory in the protection of children. Vaccinations for children should be compulsory because they save children’s lives, they protect other vulnerable people and they save families time and money.

Vaccinations save lives. Advancements in science have made vaccines safer than ever before. Children are protected from a myriad of viruses that once paralyzed or killed them. Polio is one disease that gripped countries in fear. It paralyzed many persons. Now thanks to the polio vaccine, there are no reports of paralysis or death in the world and particularly in the United States where they claim that polio has been eradicated there. All of this is thanks to the vaccinations of children.

Vaccines also protect other vulnerable people. There are children that still get diseases that are prevented by vaccinations. Some babies catch whooping cough and measles and annually some die because they were too young to be vaccinated. There are also some persons with conditions like leukaemia or have weak immune systems that cannot be vaccinated. Therefore, to help keep these persons safe, the children around them should be fully vaccinated. This prevents diseases spreading to these vulnerable people.

Immunizations save families time and money. Some vaccine preventable diseases can cause a financial burden on parents due to medical bills, long term care and even lost time from work. Getting vaccinated is a good investment to ensure not only the health of children but the financial well being of a family. Some public schools even deny children entry if they have a vaccine preventable disease. This may force some parents to have to pay for private schooling. All in all, vaccination of children can save families time and money.

In conclusion, vaccines should be compulsory for children. The save children’s lives when they receive them. They also protect other vulnerable children who cannot be vaccinated. Vaccines save parents time and money.