Separate Schools

Argumentative Essay- Should boys and girls attend separate schools?

In the past, education of children was done separately. Boys attended all boy’s schools and girls attended all girl’s convents. As time progressed, mixing of schools was introduced, the rationale being that there were many benefits to be gained for both sexes attending co-ed schools. In reality, the negatives outweigh the positives. Boys and girls should attend separate schools, so they would not be distracted by each other, so that learning can be more targeted and to have more order in schools.

Firstly, when the sexes are separated, there are less distractions. During the teenage years, boys and girls become more curious about each other. They become distracted as they place their focus on each other. This can result in diminished academic performance and sometimes even teenage pregnancy, both of which would impact the teenagers. Therefore, boys and girls should be separated during the school years.

Secondly, if both sexes are apart, lessons can be better targeted for their needs. It is a fact that girls learn faster than boys. In single sex schools, boys would learn at a pace that is appropriate to their needs. Girls would receive the same treatment and no gender would move to slow or too fast for the others’ liking. Also, knowledge on sensitive biological processes like puberty and menstruation could be easier disseminated in separate schools. Talks could be had freely in separate schools as opposed to dividing the genders and having these important talks secretly.

Additionally, there is more order when the two sexes are separated. Boys and girls think differently. Boys and girls also interact with each other differently. Boys are generally more aggressive, and girls are more passive. Therefore, in times of conflict, the different personality styles cause chaos. There is disruption and general disorder when boys and girls interact during their teenage years. Both sexes should be placed in separate schools.

To conclude, boys and girls should attend separate schools for various reasons. One reason is so they not be distracted by one another. A second reason is to ensure that targeted instruction be given to both sexes. A third reason is that there would be more order is both sexes are separated.