Free Tetbooks

Argumentative Essay- Should textbooks be free for school children?

Eric Williams, who is considered the father of Trinidad and Tobago once said that the future of the nation is in the bookbag of its youth. Great importance is placed on education as some persons even take out loans in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in hopes of securing their financial future. Textbooks are a costly and necessary part of learning. Some persons argue that textbooks should be provided free of charge in schools to help poor children to continue their education, to help families keep income for other essentials and to contribute to a well-educated population.

Firstly, poor children could stay in school if textbooks are given out at no cost there. One’s education determines where they would end up in life, whether they would be successful or struggle. The financial situation of a child’s family should not doom them to a life of poverty. They should be given the chance to excel and create their own future. Free textbooks would facilitate this by allowing them to finish their studies and continue onto a profession that is rewarding.

Additionally, if texts are free, families can keep more income to spend on other essentials. Texts are expensive to purchase. Families prioritize the future of their children over their current needs, sometimes neglecting utilities and food. This can lead to an uncomfortable home life where children have their texts yet struggle because of a lack of essentials like electricity or food which can be counterproductive to their learning. Free textbooks would remove this financial burden and allow them to spend that money on other essentials.

Lastly, free textbooks are an investment into a country’s future. A well-educated population would be ready to create new opportunities for themselves. They would open new businesses and contribute to the GDP of the country by paying taxes. They could also bring in foreign revenue which would help the country on the global scale. This decision to distribute books for free ensures that the country prospers in the future.

In conclusion, distribution of free textbooks in schools brings many benefits. Firstly, it would ensure that poor children stay in school. Secondly, families would have more income to spend on other necessities. Thirdly, free textbooks ensure the future prosperity of a country.