Argumentative Essay- Should euthanasia be legalized?

Euthanasia is described as the voluntary right to die, the taking of one’s life to alleviate suffering. To some, it is a humane act, one of the last caring actions to help a loved one before they expire. In the eyes of the law, euthanasia is not allowed and punishable by imprisonment and fines. It is a polemic topic and activists on both sides hold firm to their beliefs. Euthanasia should be legalized to alleviate suffering, protect the persons who participate in the act and to uphold man’s intrinsic right to choose to die.

Euthanasia should become legal to stop the suffering of those affected. It is not an easy choice to end one’s life. A person’s suffering must be great to decide to abandon their loved ones and everything familiar for sweet release from Earthly pain. These persons who choose this path are cognizant of the cons yet still wish to continue in this fashion. The law gets in the way by preventing them and enforcing their perpetual suffering. Many consider this unfair and downright inhumane. If it is legalized, these persons’ suffering would be finally over.

In addition, euthanasia must be made legal to protect those who participate in the act. Persons who choose this route to end their lives usually require outside assistance. Some are immobile or in other ways unable to carry out the final act. Loved ones should not be punished for performing this humane act for the people that they care about. If these persons are caught, they face severe penalties which include lengthy imprisonment sentences. There is overwhelming sentiment in the pro euthanasia community that being reprimanded for assisted suicide is unfair.

Euthanasia should become legal because it violates man’s intrinsic right of freedom to choose. All men are born free. The society that we live in is also built on this idea, where all humans are free to make their own choices from what to eat or drink to where to go et cetera. This free will is an inherent right and applies to all elements of human life including death. Man should be able to choose how he wishes to die. The law preventing this choice infringes on man’s free will.

In conclusion euthanasia should be legalized for several reasons. It would alleviate the pain of persons that suffer. It would also not punish persons for assisting their loved ones to die. Euthanasia being legalized would stop infringing on man’s inherent free will to choose to die.