Argumentative Essay- Should minors be able to get tattoos without parental consent?

Minors, especially teenagers believe they are smarter than their parents. They believe they can make better decisions on their wellbeing and happiness. This is in stark contrast to what their parents believe and the actions they taken to ensure the well being of the minors under their care. Getting tattooed while being underage an issue that parent and child often disagree on, so much so that some choose to get tattooed without their parents’ consent. It is a fact that minors should not be able to get tattoos without parental permission because it could be dangerous to their health, it could lead to other risky decisions and they may regret the tattoo later.

Firstly, minors that get tattoos without parental permission could endanger their health. There are many blood borne diseases to be contracted from infected needles including tetanus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Some of these can be cured while others are chronic illnesses. A parent that is okay with their child getting a tattoo would ensure that all apparatus are sanitized before use. One moment of juvenile rebellion could affect the minor for the rest of their life if the utensils used are not clean. Therefore, minors should not get tattoos without parental involvement to prevent possible infection of blood borne diseases.

Additionally, minors should not get tattoos without their parents’ consent because this could lead to other reckless behaviours. Teens are vulnerable to peer pressure because they are at an age where they need their peers’ approval to build their self-esteem. Without this, they may experience depression, lowered grades and other negative outcomes. They try and avoid this by following their friends’ suggestions including getting secret tattoos. Should teens succumb to this one act of peer pressure, others may follow. They may be coerced into taking drugs or engaging in risky sexual behaviour. In this regard, no minor should get a tattoo without their parents’ permission as this is a possible gateway for other potentially dangerous behaviour.

Also, it is not advisable for minors to get tattoos without parental guidance as they might regret the tattoo later. Some teenagers live in the present and do not think about the future. In a moment of spontaneity, they may elect to get a tattoo. It could be something offensive like a racial slur that is prominently placed on their body for all to see. A child with a Nazi symbol on their forehead may find it funny at that moment, but as an adult find it difficult to make friends or find suitable employment. They could come to regret this decision later because they chose not to speak with their parent before considering getting a tattoo.

To summarize, minors should not get tattoos without their parents’ consent for various reasons. One reason is they risk contracting a blood borne disease if the needles used are not sterile. Another reason is that this action could lead to other risky ones. Additionally, minors could regret the tattoo they put on their bodies later in life.