Argumentative Essay- Should boys be taught to cook?

Gone are the days where traditional gender roles were upheld, where men were the primary breadwinners and women cared for the children and household. Times have changed, and with these changes in place, women have adapted and are also now breadwinners, while men have been left behind. Some do now know how to do household tasks including cooking. Some still depend on women to cook for them because they were never taught how to cook growing up. Boys should be taught to cook because it could lead to a career in the culinary arts, it encourages self-reliance and independence and they could assist their future partners in completing household duties.

First and foremost, boys should learn to cook because it could be the precursor to a career in culinary arts. There are several jobs within the culinary ecosphere. Some persons cook five star meals while others handle the sourcing of high grade materials. Others judge the quality and craftsmanship new revolutionary dishes. Many world renowned male chefs credit their involvement in the kitchen at an early age with their decision to create careers in food and encourage others to do the same and to be as successful as they are. Therefore, it is a good idea to have boys in the kitchen learning to cook at an early age.

Additionally, boys should be taught to cook to increase their independence. Man has three primary needs, food, clothing and shelter. Some may argue that food is the most important need of all three. Nowadays, there is pre-packaged food and fast food available so the bachelor without cooking skills can survive. The downside to this is that it is expensive to constantly purchase meals in comparison to eating home cooked meals. In that regard, if boys are taught to cook, they can depend on themselves in the future as men and feed themselves cheaply. They will not have to depend on third parties to produce food to survive daily.

Boys should be cooking from an early age to assist their future spouses in household tasks. Marriage and cohabitation depend on cooperation. After long days of work with both partners as breadwinners, both parties, men included, should be able to contribute to meal preparation. In the instance of heterosexual couples, the woman can attend to one matter like assisting with the children’s homework while the man prepares dinner. In homosexual couples, one man could deal with the laundry while another prepares the meats and starches for lunch. In all instances, having a man as a partner that can cook is an asset, and this training begins at home from when they are boys.

To summarize, boys should be taught to cook as there are many benefits to them learning this skill. They could begin a career in culinary arts when they become adults. They would be self sufficient if they know how to prepare their own meals. Also, when boys grow into men, if they know how to cook, they can assist their spouses in household tasks.