Argumentative Essay- Should playing video games be considered sport?

Sport is defined as any activity that involves physical exertion or skills where a person or group competes against another. Man engages in sport in various ways, on various terrains with varied instruments, even meeting every four years to decide who is the best of the best at the Olympic Games. There is a widely held view of what constitutes sport, some refusing to include competitive videogame playing in the same category as cricket. Playing videogames should be considered sport because it has the same characteristics of any sport including condition of its players, rules and winners and losers.

Videogames should be considered sport because they require the players to have conditioning. Just as soccer platers must be able to run for 90 minutes for the length of a game, video game players have their own conditioning requirements. Players of first person shooter games like Call of Duty must hone their marksmanship skills to shoot enemies from long distances away. They must practice regularly to reach their desired skill level. This shows that videogames are like games like soccer in their requirement of discipline of the players.

Videogames must be considered sport because they also have rules. Just as swimming the backstroke in a race requires all swimmers to use the correct form or risk disqualification, videogames require the same attention to rules. Simulated driving games have the same rules as driving in real life where during a race, drivers must stay in their lanes and avoid crashing into others and damaging their vehicles. Players in videogames must adhere to the rules just as swimmers must follow the rules of their sport.

Videogames should be categorized as sport because they have winners and losers. The goal of participating in sporting activities is to separate the winners from the losers. In a hundred meter race, out of two runners, one will win and one will lose. This is determined by which runner crosses the finish line first, highlighting which has higher levels of conditioning and speed. Videogames also have winners and losers as in the game Mortal Combat, two parties battle to see which can inflict more damage to the other before the round is over. The player with the higher skill level is declared the winner which is essential to every sport.

To summarize, videogames should be considered because they have the characteristics of other sports. Players of videogames have conditioning like other sportsmen. Videogames also have rules just as other sports. Finally, videogames have winners and losers as other sports do.