Argumentative Essay- Should healthcare be free in the United States?

Health care is defined as the organized provision of medicinal care to an individual or a community. Lawmakers, heath care professionals and the citizenry in the United States have argued for years whether free health care is a right and should be implemented in the country. Those on both sides of the argument shout their opinions from their soapboxes and fight tooth and nail to ensure that their position is the dominant one. Healthcare in the United States should be free because their Declaration of Independence allows for it, it could save lives if it is implemented and it would increase economic productivity which is good for the country.

Firstly, universal health care should be implemented in the United States because their Declaration of Independence allows it. The founding document of the United States, the Declaration of Independence clearly states that all men should have inalienable rights including the access to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Health care and being healthy is necessary for maintaining life and encouraging the pursuit of one’s happiness. When one is healthy, or has access to preventative measures like cancer screening and treatment if a disease like cancer is found, they can maintain their longevity and attempt to create their own avenues for fulfilment.

Secondly, healthcare should be for all in the United States as it could save lives. A study done in 2009 by Harvard University cites that lack of insurance is linked to approximately 45000 deaths in the United States. Persons are dying in the tens of thousands because of their inability to afford health insurance. Lawmakers are intentionally killing persons because of their incessant greed which is counterproductive to the goal of health care, which is to preserve life. Implementing a free health care system would return to this original idea.

Thirdly, having universal healthcare could increase the economic productivity of the United States. If people have access to health care, they are more productive in their work environments. Persons take less sick days if they can afford to purchase vitamins to boost their immunities, or are more productive when they take preventative screenings and can treat any illnesses or maladies in a timely manner. The Institute of Medicine reported that the US loses between 65 and 130 billion dollars every year due to reduced worker productivity, missed days and premature death among persons that are uninsured. Therefore, if persons had access to health care, the economy could save that lost money and put it into good use.

To summarize, universal health care should be implemented in the United States. One reason is that it is possible due to their Declaration of Independence document. Another reason is that having it implemented could save lives. A third reason health care should be free in the United States is that it could increase worker productivity which is good for their economy.