Argumentative Essay- Should sex be taught in school?

Sex is a physical human activity that is the basis for reproduction. Insects, animals and humans have sex to continue their species. Having sex on the curriculum in school is often a topic of contention among parents, teachers, the church and other stakeholders in society. While many believe that sex should not be taught in schools, in reality it should be taught in school because it is part of a child’s right to education, it could encourage young people to make smarter decisions about sex and could decrease sexual abuse statistics.

Firstly, children should be taught about sex in school because they have a right to knowledge. According to United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) the major international body concerned with the wellbeing of children, they are entitled to inalienable right one of which is the right to education. According to UNICEF, educators must provide relevant curriculum that equips children with knowledge of the arts, humanities and science. They should learn about the basic biological functions of their sex organs and the mechanics of reproduction to aid in their becoming well educated citizens of the world. This education begins in school with a comprehensive sex-ed curriculum.

Secondly, sex should be taught in schools to decrease STI and STD transmissions among young people. One moment of ignorance should not be the cause of someone’s lifetime of pain. Young people in their inexperience are more likely to make rash decisions in the moment and not consider long term consequences. They may engage in risky sexual activity and contract sexually transmitted diseases or infections. Some STDs like syphilis and chlamydia are treatable while others like herpes are not. If young people are educated about using barrier methods of contraceptives like condoms, they could reduce their chances of contracting life altering sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Teaching children about sex in schools could reduce sexual abuse statistics. Children in their innocence can be taken advantage of by adults with cruel intentions. Annually untold numbers of children are sexually abused by adults and are unaware they are abused and do not come forward to report these abuses. If children are taught about proper and improper interactions between adults and children or even between each other, they would be able to recognize predatory situations and remove themselves from these places or complain to the appropriate persons who will ensure their safety. Schools that teach students about sex take proactive steps towards reducing sexual abuse statistics.

In conclusion, sex should be taught in schools for various reasons. One reason is that it is a child’s right to be adequately informed about many scientific subjects, including basic human biology. Another reason sex should be taught is that it could decrease STI and STD transmissions among young people. Additionally, teaching sex in schools could reduce the incidences of sexual assault among children and young people.