A visit to the zoo essay – Free Narrative Essay

One Sunday afternoon during this past summer vacation, my brother and I visited the Emperor Valley Zoo. We were so excited to see the birds, reptiles and the recently added alligators. The zoo opened at 10 am so we woke at 6 am to prepare ourselves for the trip. We cooked a breakfast of arepas with cheese and packed four, two for each of us to have for lunch while we were at the zoo. We left home at 9 am because we knew the trip would take us an hour to get there. We boarded the bus and sat eagerly as we embarked upon this journey.

There was little traffic on the roadways that morning, which was very uncommon for this time of day. We observed the other motorists driving to work with very serious looks on their faces, which was a stark contrast to us as we were carefree and joyful. We arrived at the bus stop and took a taxi to the zoo entrance.

It was marvellous. The zoo was clean and empty, we were the first ones to arrive for the day. We paid the entrance fee of five dollars and ran hurriedly towards the bird cages. We saw varieties of parrots, doves, even flamingos. They were all pretty and flapped their wings when they saw us. We moved on to the water enclosure and alligators greeted us by splashing their tails in the water. There were several species of fish swimming in schools. There were also many frogs and tadpoles in the water.

We sat down to eat lunch at 12 noon and devoured our food. It was delicious. We sat under a shady tree and admired the beautiful butterflies, the dragonflies and the various insects that buzzed around. There were colourful flowers all around and bees zipped about sampling each flower’s nectar. It was a serene scene.

At 4pm, we left the zoo to head on home. One the bus ride home, we both reminisced on our favourite parts of the day’s adventure. My brother’s favourite part was looking at the alligators dive in and out of the water. My favourite part of the day was sitting in the shade and enjoying the cool breeze of the afternoon day at my favourite place, the zoo.