Argumentative Essay- Why cell phones should be banned in school

Cell phones are a modern marvel. They facilitate interactions with persons around the world, international trading and purchases and the dissemination of information with the click of a button. People have always been in awe at what these little devices can do and what positive impact they could have on future generations. School children have used cell phones in not so positive ways and now some people are calling for them to be banned during the school day. Cellular phones should be banned in schools because they distract students, they could put students in danger and could be used to cheat during exams.

Firstly, cell phones should not be allowed in schools because they do distract students. On the one hand, they provide many benefits to modern students. They have access to the internet, so students can find written information in seconds, they can search for YouTube videos that explain difficult concepts and have visual guides of topics that would enhance their overall learning, something that was not available to students in previous generations. On the other hand, students often overuse this tool to the point that they distract themselves from their school work. They use the internet to search for and play games, use YouTube to find funny videos and visual guides on how to cheat during exams. Therefore, cell phones should be banned to reduce the level of distraction that students may encounter in school.

Additionally, children should not be allowed to have cell phones in school because their safety could be endangered. Cell phones are a modern-day necessity. They come in various colours, sizes and price ranges. When children walk around with expensive devices, they could become the target of violence. They may be confronted and physically assaulted by other children who are envious of what they have and wish to take it from them. To level the playing field and remove all potential feelings of envy between classmates, cell phones should not be allowed on the school premises.

Furthermore, cellular phones must be banned from schools to prevent children from cheating on exams. Texting and instant messaging features on cell phones have made communication easy for persons who are not physically close to one another. The same applies for children in school who use these features covertly during examinations to relay answers to one another. This is counterproductive to the idea of going to school because students are supposed to rely on their own intelligence and analytical skills to answer questions. If cheating via cell phones is involved, then the education of the child is compromised, and the education system is doomed to fail. Thus, cell phones should be banned from schools.

To sum up, cellular phones should be banned in schools for several reasons. One reason is that they distract students from learning. Another reason is that having cell phones puts students in potential danger. A third reason why cell phones should be banned is to prevent them from cheating during their examinations.