Argumentative Essay- Should you become a lawyer?

As children grow up, they are often asked what they would like to be when they grow up. Some admit they wish to be policemen and protect their country, others wish to become nurses to serve their communities and others wish to become lawyers for the numerous benefits that come with this profession. While not everyone can become a lawyer, people should consider this profession because the career has high earning potential, they could have a chance to help others and have an influence on a global scale.

People should consider a career in law because they could earn high salaries. Lawyers are some of the higher compensated professionals in the legal ecosphere. In June 2017, the median salary for attorneys in the United States was $89000 annually although salaries fluctuate across the country. Some laws earn as much as $160000 a year depending on their location. Having an income of over $100000 a year puts these people in the top 10% bracket of earners worldwide. With that type of income, persons could provide a comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones.

Persons should also become lawyers to get a chance to help people. Lawyers have a unique position to assist people with their legal issues to help solve their problems. Some even do pro bono work to lend a hand to underprivileged groups in an effort to serve not so fortunate groups or to further the public good. For example, a lawyer may give their services free of charge to represent victims of domestic abuse if it could get them justice and influence the overall behaviour of those in their vicinity. In this regard, getting involved in law may be an excellent way to help people.

Another reason to become a lawyer is to have the chance to have global influence. These people have a unique opportunity to affect society. They write legislation, decide court outcomes and even have influential roles in government. They affect policy and can even affect change on a global scale. Within recent times, groups have pushed for the legalization of gay marriage and the implementation of rights of same sex couples that heterosexual couples enjoy. Lawmakers and particularly lawyers were instrumental in proposing draft legislation, being present in courtrooms to    debate this topic and even in some countries, implementing policy and law to see this change put into effect, which has now taken the world by storm. Therefore, if one would like to affect change on a global scale, they should think about becoming a lawyer.

In summary, there are a few reasons why one should endeavor to become a lawyer. One reason is that lawyers have a high earning potential. Another reason one should consider law is to have the chance to help people. A third reason why becoming a lawyer may be a good idea is that one might have a chance to have global influence.