Six Word Stories Cry

Six Word Stories That Will Make You Cry.

A lot can be said with very little. A whistle can emote happiness and a tear sadness. In the literary world, the same is also true. With very few words, writers can take readers on adventures and back in quick time.

The six word short story is one example of creating masterpieces on a literary budget. The website catalogs tales from persons both famous and ordinary that span time, space, gender, political affiliation and a host of other qualifiers as all contributors take only six and blow the readers’ minds. Today we’ll focus on the six word tearjerkers. Here are that will make you cry:

  1. Disputes among nations. Sorrow among families.
  2. Checking into a hotel to checkout.
  3. He bottle-feeds his wife’s killer.
  4. Sorry soldier, shoes sold in pairs.
  5. Born a twin; Graduated only child.
  6. Voyager still transmitted, but Earth didn’t.

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