Six Word Stories on Love

Six Word Stories on Love

What is love? This four letter word has been written about and studied since man could adequately articulate his feelings. Love is a complex emotion that can never be fully defined. It affects the young, old, all races, classes, creeds and genders. It touches so many yet not all can say that it has a positive impact on their lives. It directs peoples behaviors to do what they believe is right, and would benefit them yet the outcomes of pursuing loveare often complicated.

Below you will find ten six word stories that showcase love in all its complexity.

  1. Still available: heart- trampled, abused, worthy. 
  2. Strangers in public, lovers in secret.
  3. True love is riddled with bruises.  
  4. Disinherited black son marries white girlfriend. 
  5. I love you, you love her. 
  6. To protect her, lock her away. 
  7. Right person, right time, wrong genitals. 
  8. She died, my love too violent. 
  9. Casual, but don’t date anyone else. 
  10. Hi. Love me. You won’t? Bye. 

In the end, whether positively or adversely affected by it, people will still try to incorporate love into their lives, that is the one constant that would never change.

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