Six Word Stories About Relationships

Six Word Stories About Relationships

Relationships are weird. Humans generally seek out others like themselves to engage in mutually beneficial unions. All parties want respect, understanding and love among other things. Why is it that there are so many obstacles on the way to crafting healthy relationships? Why aren’t fulfilling relationships easy to create? There are so many questions that remain unanswered when it comes to people and how they relate to one another.

Below is a curated list of six word stories about relationships and the troubles that the persons in them experience.

  1. Husband made his wife’s heart stop. 
  2. Just got girlfriend, crush keeps calling. 
  3. Boys: Too masculine, Girls: Too feminine. 
  4. Legal status: married, emotional status, single. 
  5. My daughter: “New phone, who dis”?
  6. New year, old ex-wife, new boyfriend. 
  7. Couldn’t have me, he shot himself.
  8. “Love you” … machine disconnected, pulse N/A.
  9. Sister killed, honor restored, brother celebrated. 
  10. My father was my first kiss. 

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