Funny Six Word Stories

Funny Six Word Stories

The mark of a good writer is seen when they take the written word and craft visual imagery. They use any amount of words and allow the reader to see exactly what they want them to see. The mark of a great writer is shown when they can do the same with very little words. The six word story popularized by Ernest Hemingway and his famous, “For sale, baby shoes, never worn” has challenged many a writer to do the same, paint a picture on a budget.

While this one six word story is sad, there are other emotions to be explored with six word stories. Humor is one sentiment that is often left out when crafting great six word stories. There is no reason to avoid being humorous as crafting a funny six word story is very easy and possible. Below are six funny six word stories:

  1. See poop, I think of you. 
  2. I thought you said “million heirs”. 
  3. As straight as a wet noodle. 
  4. Population decimated, two remain, both men. 
  5. Purdue CEO reborn as farm-raised chick.
  6. Spend real money, buy gaming currency. 

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